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With Joel and former American record holder Jim Pearson as your coaches, you get two professional coaches for the price of one! A pair more dedicated to running will be hard to find. Together the Pearson duo has completed 64 years of coaching and 67 years of daily running and coached at every level! Their library includes over 1200 studied running books as well as thousands of running publications and materials, most of which has been read and absorbed. This dedication has led them both to coaching athletes from national champions to American records and numerous others to all-American status. Joel is a USATF Level III, IAAF V Level Master Coach and USATF Level 1 Instructor with USATF Level II certifications in Endurance, Sprints/Hurdles/Relays, Jumps, Combined Events, and Youth. In 1975 when Jim ran the American record 50 mile in 5:12:41 it was the 3rd fastest 50 mile time in the world.

As coaches they have produced results ranging from:

  • American Open and Junior record holders
  • Olympic Trials to World Team qualifiers
  • El Salvador National Junior and Senior records
  • USA Champions (50M Open, 50M Masters, Junior Hour Run on Track)
  • 60 national qualifiers at all levels
  • State High School Champion and State High School Marathon Record holder
  • 18 minute 5k Male runner improved to a 15:01-5k / 2:33 Marathon
  • 31 minute 5k Female runner improved to a 4:08:20 Marathon
  • National Championships in other sports's staff has done it all.

  Who can  benefit                         
 Why Joel & Jim Pearson                                                 
 1 All runners (Road, Trail, Track)
 64 years coaching experience /  67 years running experience
 2 Professional / Elite Athletes Proven successful training methods - See results!!! 
 3 Collegiate Athletes Personalized coaching (No blanket standard programs)
 4 High School Athletes Affordable coaching services 
 5Masters Athletes /Rec-Runners/Open We care about your success 

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