I met the Pearson family due to our shared commitment in running every single day.  Jim and Joel's combined streak of running every day is 57 years, and I am at 8 years.  Coaching together as a team, they continue to create some truly amazing runners. My past college coaches made me believe that I was incapable of high mileage or demanding workouts, but what they couldn't take away from me was my passion for running.  I was convinced that I was a talentless runner with overly ambitious goals that I will never come close to reaching. But I continued to run after college due to my love and enjoyment of running.  It was just a few years ago when I met the Pearsons, and they led me to believe that I am capable of being a good runner.  Their philosophy is based on running--if I want to run--I need to RUN.  Distance runners need to put in a lot of work--high weekly mileage, long runs, quality workouts, and most of all is consistency in the training.  The work is up to me, and the Pearson's continue to remind me that I have the potential and strength to become a successful runner.  I believe in their training methods and since I began running under their guidance, I have become free from the plagues of injuries and have developed an even greater passion and motivation to run.