In-Person Coaching* - Coaching Services
*Includes Race Rates (See Below)

If you are one of the lucky individuals who live in or near beautiful Whatcom County, Washington, you have the opportunity to have both of's staff members on an in-person basis. The biggest benefit of in-person coaching is that you can work with our staff and your fellow training partners to work out a time that fits your schedule! This is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle or work schedule.

The advantages of in-person coaching include getting the one on one direct personal contact with the coach.
It is easier in person to show the athlete proper technique in running form, drill training, central nervous system training, core strength and more! Getting motivation each lap during workouts will help maximize your potential.

Obviously, the smaller the group being coached, the more personal the attention aimed at you as an individual. On the other hand, the larger the group, the lower the expense for each individual person. When applying the rates below, be sure that you don't form groups that are too large for optimal learning.

We will create workouts for your group, or if you prefer, we can coach you to do yours..

  Individual Rate  
 Group Rate
90 Minutes                     
 90 minutes*
 $50 2 person-Group**
$60 $75
 2 hours
 $65 3 person-Group**
$70 $85
   4 person-Group**$80 $95
   5 person-Group**$90 $105
   6+ person-Group**Always $90 Always $105
*We start the option at 90 because of the warm up/down, drills, workout & questions.
Add $10 per person. Stop at 5 people.

*Race Rates:                              

If you race and want to have a coach present at one of your races we provide a service that can make your race day a lot easier!! We are very experienced in delivering great coaching, positive support, racing tactics, administering aid stations, executing your race plans and more. Let us make the decision on where to cheer and to give the water, gue and food if needed.
  • Inside Whatcom County:                 $125
  • Skagit / Snohomish County:            $150
  • Vancouver, BC area:                       $175
  • King Country:                                $175
  • Rest of Washington State:              $250 / Provide accommodations

Race help depends on the coach's schedule and availability. Please note that we will not miss any of the Harrier Track Club and Pearson's Athletic Club's main team competitions.