Susan Henderson

Paragraph on her

Personal Records:
Marathon: 2:41

Racing Highlights:
2:43:05   1984 Olympic Trials, 51st place
Race where she ran PR
11th place - 1983 Boston Marathon - 2:44:13
17th place - 1980 Boston Marathon - 2:51:15
2nd - Chicago Marathon - 2:50:47

1972/1982 Portland Marathon Champion
1971/1972 Birch Bay Marathon Champion
19XX - 2nd Trails End Marathon
1977 - 2nd Seattle Marathon - 2:59:53 

Thank you to Coach Jim!!!

Hi Jim,

Well, you had a life-changing influence on me (and Matt, too). We often talk about the old days of running with you, the trips to Portland, the hour runs on the track. It's all just part of our DNA now. I will always remember how I would come out of the gym at the college and you would be there, just finishing up 10 miles on the track before you headed out on a run with me. I was awestruck.
I don't know what you did or how you did it, but you pulled out of me every competitive instinct I had. And, I hold you totally responsible for my love affair with all my running watches ... I now have a Garmin 405 (got it for last year's birthday). I've always liked knowing where I am on all my running routes, I like remembering my splits and paying attention to how I'm feeling when I happen to get to some split 15 seconds faster than ever before. I even care if it's 5 seconds faster. There are about 7 people in the world who really care about that stuff, but you're the one who taught it to me. And, I remember going on runs with you in Bellingham and always, always having to run around the stop sign or not cutting across a corner but running it exactly. You said I would only be shortchanging myself if I cut a corner. To this day I can't do it and it's because of you. Honestly, Jim, you've changed the lives of so many people through running. Yes, I had an interest in running, and I'm sure underneath things I was competitive, but you taught me about the importance of being consistent, about paying attention to times, about how to really hang it out there and hurt, which in the end is one of my favorite aspects of running ... getting myself right to the edge of my pain threshold and then finding I can hurt even more.
Sorry for the rant, but you definitely made a huge difference in our lives!