Below are testimonials gathered from a few of our athletes. These are thoughts, feelings and success stories that are directly related to the coaching of CoachPearson.com. If you feel that we have affected you in a positive way, please feel free to share your story on our website!
"Joel is the best coach I ever had! Before we met I didn't know I was allowed to have goals and dreams like I do now. Joel gave me the training, support, and belief that I could be a world class runner someday. After a difficult year for me where I was injured for over six months and then hit by a car I started running for Joel and 8 months later I dropped my 5k from 21:46 to 18:55 and ran my first marathon in 3:12! I have no doubt that with Joel I will continue to improve and reach my goals. If you commit your running 100% to Joel, he will commit to you 110%!"
- Emily Uhlig - 4th USA 50k Championships, 3:12-Marathoner.

"Jim / Joel's program has really worked for me! Since I've started training with them I've increased my strength, speed, endurance and confidence. I went from being an 11:09 3200 meter runner to running the 5k in 15:31 in 12 months. Then I went on to set the American Junior Record in the 50k which I would have never thought possible before! I believe in Joel and Jim's programs to improve not only my times but my overall health and well being." - Oliver Bear Don't Walk  - 2:37:17-Marathon, American Jr 50k American Record-3:10:07

"Joel and Jim Pearson both have great insight on all aspects of my training such as workouts and weekly schedules designed toward achieving my goals. Under the coaching of Jim and Joel I have surpassed all my goals including lowering my 1600 time from 4:54 to 4:29, and making it to state in the 3200 (9:35), as well as setting the county freshmen record in the 5k (15:54). The coaches are the most dedicated I have ever seen and committed to the athlete's success!" - Tom Bradley - 4:29, 9:35, 15:54 - HS Freshman

"Jim is the one that introduced me to running, and his guidance probably saved my life and he steered me down the right path. If it was not for Jim I would not have become the runner I became. Their philosophy on running is superior to any other system I've been trained under. Those that follow this system will see vast improvements in their time, and well being. The Pearsons are so welcoming and concerned about their athletes, that a trust is formed, and it is clearly visible in all their athletes." - Clayton Hemlock -3:50 / 14:26

"A passionate, forgiving coach, Joel helps raise athlete's spirits on and off the track. His dedication to my future shows in every step we take to reaching my goals! Our work together came full circle quickly as he attends to my matters where I needed advice. Joel's has extensive knowledge surpassing his young age, proving more valuable than years of experience. He has an open attitude to change, doing what works. Finding Joel as a coach has positively affected my running career and my well-being!" - Aaron Minks - 4:02 1500